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"About Us"


The Puerto Rican Action Committee holds to identify and address the needs of the Hispanic and low income community by developing strategies and programs that facilitate socioeconomic growth, edifying self-sufficiency and culture.

Service Area

PRACs primary service area covers Salem & Cape May Counties.

However, "poor" knows no ethnicity. While PRAC's original focus was meeting the needs of low income Hispanics, low income Whites are the areas predominant minority, and there has been a steady inflow of low income Blacks and a broad array of different Hispanic immigrants and permanent farm workers.


PRAC's efficient outreach empowers constituents, whose plight is actually heightened due to the lack of geographic density, traditional community concentrations and support networks. These people suffer far more isolation, lack of access to essential resources and support networks, and deprivation of cultural reinforcement, than those living in more densely populated areas in which people are physically close enough to have a reliable and varied support network.

PRAC's market represents the area of highest population migration for New Jersey's future. Because of the inflow of a far broader range of mainland Hispanics as opposed to island Hispanics, needs and cultural sensitivities are less homogenous than ever before. PRAC's bi-lingual and bi-cultural staff has been successful in making these new populations comfortable with integration into the American economy, while providing them with increased access to essential resources requisite to making the transition.

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